How to Use Coconut Oil to Lose Weight (+ for your hair and skin)

You can use coconut oil to lose weight and you can also use it for other important problems.. Hair, body or skin problems? Coconut oil is the trick!

  1. Losing weight

The fact that coconut oil contains medium and short chain fatty acids makes it efficient when it comes to losing weight, when consumed daily, in quantities of minimum 4 spoons. It is also rich in carbon saturated fatty acids, which will make your thyroid function better.

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You can use it when you cook your breakfast, for instance, because it does not only improve your digestion, but also generates satiety and accelerates the metabolism.

  1. Hair mask

Coconut oil can be a totally natural mask for your hair. It is very nutritive, thus suitable for the ends of your hair. Apply it after washing your hair, just as you would do with a conditioner found on the market – it has the advantage that it’s natural.

  1. Skin care

The coconut oil has calming properties so you can use it when your skin is itchy or inflamed after sunbath, but, on the other hand, it can replace the suntan oil. It cures the skin affections, improves its aspect, and is a very good substitute of the cosmetics, because it is 100% natural and does not contain chemicals. It repairs your skin and keeps it this way, if used regularly.

  1. Body lotion

You can keep the coconut oil packed in little bottles, at a temperature below 24°C. In these conditions, it will condense, becoming a white solid substance, which will become liquid again when applied on the skin. Store it in bottles or jars and use it just as you use any body lotion, after showers, especially during the winter, when the skin tends to be dry. It will leave your skin smooth and soft and, besides, it smells very nice.[/expand]


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