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Honey and cinnamon to lose weight fast, at home

The market and the online media is full of all sorts of eating plans that promise you to lose weight overnight. You must be very careful because most of them also have side effects and most of times, once you stop the diet, you risk to add more weight than before. Despite that, we present you a very simple home ...

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Get Rid of Blackheads on your Nose in 3 Steps

Blackheads are bumps containing sebum and keratin which, because they are at a superficial layer of the skin, are oxidized. So, they darken. One of the causes of their apparition is the extra oily skin. They appear usually on the nose and on the chin, but the ones on the nose are the harshest ones. [expand title=”Click to Read Full ...

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Remove Unwanted Facial Hair Easily At Home

The problem of facial hair is very irritating for women and it can sometimes become a problem of self confidence, not just an esthetic question. There are a lot of ways in which women choose to get rid of this annoying hair on their face, starting from bleaching and depilation, and ending with shaving and also laser removal, for those ...

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