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Natural Hair Loss Treatment at Home – 7 Remedies

If you want to overcome the problem of hair loss without spending lots of money and, more important, without exposing your hair to chemicals contained by cosmetics, here are a few natural remedies for you. [expand title=”Click to Read Full Article”] Coconut The proteins and minerals contained by this ingredient prevent the breakage of the hair, stimulating its growth. Either ...

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Get Rid of Blackheads on your Nose in 3 Steps

Blackheads are bumps containing sebum and keratin which, because they are at a superficial layer of the skin, are oxidized. So, they darken. One of the causes of their apparition is the extra oily skin. They appear usually on the nose and on the chin, but the ones on the nose are the harshest ones. [expand title=”Click to Read Full ...

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