Get Rid of Blackheads on your Nose in 3 Steps

Blackheads are bumps containing sebum and keratin which, because they are at a superficial layer of the skin, are oxidized. So, they darken. One of the causes of their apparition is the extra oily skin. They appear usually on the nose and on the chin, but the ones on the nose are the harshest ones.

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It is very important to keep your skin clean by cleansing it not more than twice a day, what is too much causes irritations on your face. You can stay away from blackheads by using some homemade packs for oily skin. Another factor that causes their spreading is stress, so try to keep as calm as possible.

We are here to tell you how you can get rid of those blackheads on your nose in just 3 steps. It is a homemade remedy which will do no harm to your skin and will help you avoid squeezing your nose in order to remove blackheads.

What to do:

Step 1: Soak a face towel into boiled water after you have let it cool for a couple of minutes. Clean your face with that towel, in order to open the pores. Thus, it will be easier to remove the blackheads.

Step 2: This is the proper preparation of the remedy. Mix the white of an egg with a tablespoon of honey and stir the mixture until you obtain a paste. It will help you to remove the excessive oil from the skin.

Step 3: Apply the paste on your nose and on other areas where you have blackheads and leave it there for 10 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water. The blackheads will bubble out of the skin in no more than 30 minutes and you will be able to remove them with the tweezers.

Lime and baking soda are also very good ingredients for this purpose, so you can add them to the paste you prepare. It is important to get rid of the blackheads before they have time to develop acne on your face, so repeat this procedure anytime you feel it is necessary.[/expand]


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