7 Funny and Strange Tricks that Will Help You Lose Weight

  1. Pay your purchases with cash

It has been proven that, when paying by card, people tend to spend much more money than when paying with cash. In addition, it has been discovered that people who pay by card often use to buy more junk food. So, try to pay what you buy with cash and you will maintain your weight in balance.

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  1. Decorate your kitchen with blue items

We all know that a bedroom painted in blue is meant to calm and relax you. What you don’t know is that blue or green shades manage to reduce your appetite, whereas red and yellow stimulate it. You can either paint the walls in blue or use blue decorative items.

  1. Watch yourself in the mirror while eating

Latest experiments show that people who consume their meals in from of the mirror tend to eat less because they watch themselves doing this and think about their physical aspect at the same time.

  1. Change your pyjamas before eating

It is not the concept of pyjamas that we are referring to, but the idea of large and baggy clothes. They usually give you the impression that you are thinner than you look, determining you to snack more. Therefore, try to wear more fitted clothes as they will make you think twice before consuming food in excess.

  1. Become a Facebook member

Facebook is a modern phenomenon that keeps people all over the world connected. In spite of that, it can also help you lose weight or at least control your pounds. In this sense, you never know when you can be tagged as a fat person and your photo can be seen by everybody. Moreover, fitness programs use this network to make comparisons between what people used to be (fat) and what they have accomplished through their program (slim). This should encourage and determine you to control your weight and eliminate those extra kilos.

  1. Smell some vanilla

Vanilla perfume, which is sweet, can successfully reduce the sugar cravings. You can simply lighten a candle or spray some vanilla perfume in the room and you won’t feel that terrible need to eat something sweet any more.

  1. Have dinner/ lunch with a man

Studies have proven that a male-female dinner put people in control of their weight. It is believed that the cause is a women’s desire to be ‘more feminine’ in front of a man and a men’s need to be ‘more masculine’ in front of a beautiful woman.[/expand]


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