6 Tips for Cleaning Your Lungs

You probably realize the fact that lungs are among the most active and important organs in your body, so it is very important to keep them clean. Just in the way in which you do colon or liver cleanses, you can do lungs cleanses, too. We have 6 tips that you can use in order to have strong and healthy lungs.

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  1. Quit smoking

The tar and the nicotine from the cigarettes deposit directly on your lungs. The carbon monoxide worsens the way in which lungs function. You can even develop serious health problems, such as cancer and emphysema. So the first step towards clean, healthy lungs is to stop smoking.

  1. Breathing exercises

Believe it or not, breathing exercises help your lungs get rid of toxins. These exercises will clean the airwaves and also strengthen the lungs. Apart from this, every time when you breathe deeply, the amount of oxygen which enters the lungs nourishes them. Try to avoid, on the opposite, shallow breathing.

  1. Lung cleansing foods

The most known foods that provide substances necessary for healthy lungs are cayenne pepper, pistachios and plantain leaf. They suppress mucous, clearing the lungs and the airwaves, provide a substance similar to vitamin E, gamma-tocopherol, which prevents lung cancer, and also heal irritations caused in the lungs by coughs.

  1. Reduce exposure to air pollution

Among the factors that cause indoor pollution there are pet dander, cleaning products that contain chemicals, paint, building materials, or carpets. Those common things that everyone uses or possesses can be harmful for your lungs. Try to avoid the exposure to this kind of indoor pollution as much as possible. In order to do that, you can use air purification systems or air exchange systems. They will purify the air that goes into your lungs.

  1. Castor Oil Pack

This pack helps the removal of toxins from your body. It has numerous functions for the general state of health of your organism. Among them are the elimination of waste and the stimulation of lymphatic circulation. Place castor oil packs on your chest and inhale just as you do with vapor rubs. It is a cheap and easy way to clean your lungs.

  1. Lung cleansing herbs

The following plants are meant to help the good, proper function of your lungs and airwaves, cleansing them naturally and organically: eucalyptus, lungwort, peppermint, osha root, lobelia, elecampane, chaparral, orange peel, and oregano. Try to include them in your diet or to purchase tinctures which contain them.[/expand]


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