5 Liver Health Tips for Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight, you must know that your liver is responsible for metabolizing fat, so it is very important to have a healthy liver in order to be able to get fit. It also filter the toxins, forbidding them to get in the blood, thus it gives you energy. You may feel bloated and also getting fat for reasons related to the health of your liver. Here are a few tips on what you could do in order to get rid of this kind of problems. It has to do only with your lifestyle and it is up to you to change it.

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  1. Get rid of processed food from your diet

It is a very difficult task for your liver to get rid of all the chemicals and preservatives that you ingest when eating processed foods. Everything you see on the list of ingredients and you do not know what is it is very likely to be a toxin that will affect your liver. Try to avoid what is processed, such as frozen meals, pizzas, cheeses, microwave dinners.

  1. Be careful with the intake of dairy and meat

These aliments are good for your organism when consumed moderately. Excessive intake of meat and dairy can affect your liver. Make sure you do not harm your liver by consuming great quantities of them. Also, do not eat very fast, in order to avoid the clogging of your liver.

Here are two suggestions for you: try to replace cow milk with almond milk – it is also good and it is healthier, and also meat with mushrooms. Also try to consume black beans and root vegetables. These aliments are both tasteful and consistent, but moreover, they will do no harm to your liver.

  1. Manage stress

Believe it or not, the digestive system ceases to function when you are too stressed out. Try to get rid of the stress at least while you are eating. Sit down when you eat, do not think of questions that make you angry, breathe deeply before eating and chew the food until it becomes pulp before swallowing it. Thus, you will feel fuller and eat less, so you will get rid of excessive weight.

  1. Avoid fast foods

The foods from the restaurants, but especially the one from fast-foods, are full of additives and very high in calories and they do no good to your liver. Just avoid eating out, because there is a tendency to eat more than you need when you go to the restaurant. Choose to eat at home and to prepare your own food, it is not just healthier, but also cheaper.

  1. Liver detoxification

We have 2 recipes for gentle liver cleanse, they are safe for your organism and can be consumed on a daily basis:

  1. Each morning, with 20 minutes before breakfast, drink a glass with lukewarm water in which you have squeezed half a lemon. It is important for the water to be slightly warm, cold water is not that efficient. If it does not affect your stomach, you can squeeze an entire lemon into the water. This mixture stimulates the digestive system and the releasing of toxins from your body.
  2. Drink with 20 minutes before every meal a glass of lukewarm water in which you have put a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. The vinegar has the same function as the lemon. Cider vinegar is also very efficient if you use it in your diet, adding it to salads, for instance.

If you take account of these pieces of advice, it is for sure that you will lose weight, but, more important, you will have a healthier liver and you will feel more energized. It is important to change your entire lifestyle, not to respect these things only for a week or two.[/expand]


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