4 Homemade stretch marks remedies

The most used home remedies for stretch marks are probably oils (olive oil, almond oil, lavender oil, avocado oil, mink oil, and jojoba oil), aloe vera, and cocoa butter. It is recommended to try as many as possible, in order to test and see which is the most suitable for your skin.

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Benefits of some oils:

 Each and every oil has its own benefits for your skin.

  1. Mink oil: it contains palmitoleic acid, which resembles the oil produced by your skin, that is, sebum, and which is found only in this oil. It does not just beautify the skin, but also heals its injuries, preventing further scars and eventually treating them.
  1. Lavender oil: this oil improves blood circulation at the level of the skin, thus improving the aspect of stretch marks – they will considerably fade.
  1. Olive oil: the healing properties of this oil are given by its content of vitamins A, E and D. It also contains antioxidants and substances which resemble the sebum.
  1. Other oils: the other oils, when massaged into skin, go into its surface and provide the nutrients that it needs in order to get rid of the stretch marks.

How and when to apply these remedies:

These remedies do no harm, so you can apply them either during pregnancy, or at puberty, or when you gain or lose weight. Apply them into the affected areas or even on the areas where you want to prevent the apparition of stretch marks. Massage the oils into the skin at home or go to a spa in order to do this. You can use the oils by themselves or mix them, in order to make them even more efficient.


It is very important to take care of your skin, so use these remedies not only for getting rid of stretch marks, but also in order to prevent their apparition. Keep doing these massages on a daily basis, so they can be as efficient as possible.[/expand]



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