10 Healthy Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water

Human body is made of 70 % water, which makes this drink a necessary ingredient for our life, particularly because without it, blood circulation and the body cells couldn’t work properly. In addition, water is also good for your skin and can reduce the risk of many diseases and health-related problems.

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Doctors recommend a minimum consumption of 2 liters of water every day in order to maintain a balance in your body. The good news is that it is almost free and you can drink it anytime. If you get tired of the same taste, you can add some lemon juice, mint or an orange slice.

We present you the main benefits water has over your body:

  1. Skin care. It is an ingredient that prevents your skin from premature aging by moisturizing or refreshing it and keeping away wrinkles and fine lines.
  2. Weight loss. On one hand, water reduces hunger by giving you the sensation of satiety and, on the other hand, it improves your metabolism in order to consume energy and burn calories.
  3. Mood. By providing your body the nutrients it needs, water also manages to make you feel good and full of energy and desire to live.
  4. Immunity. Water consumption keeps away the flu or influenza and reduces the risk of cancer or other health diseases.
  5. Colon. It is a very good way of flushing all those harmful toxins from your body and protect your colon and kidneys from possible infections.
  6. Headaches. Dehydration can be considered one of the main factors that lead to headaches. So, drinking enough water will treat this disorder.
  7. Money. You don’t have to worry because of the water costs. It is the cheapest, but healthiest drink!
  8. Energy. Water intake also completes and refreshes the brain fluid, which will help you have a clearer mind and a higher capacity of concentration. Of course, you will be full of energy as well!
  9. Cramps. Water hydrates your system, provides your muscles with nutrients that maintain their elasticity and keeps your joints in motion.
  10. Digestion. Digestion is a very important function of your system and water can help it function at its optimum levels, transforming foods in energy and removing toxins successfully.[/expand]


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